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About Dawn

About Dawn

Although I now live in the beautiful state of Oregon, I was born and raised in the East San Francisco Bay Area.

I grew up in a house built by my grandpa, Poppie to me, with my mom and dad and Poppie and Mimi (my angel grandma). I am an only child. My childhood memories center around the church, the Christian school I attended from preschool until high school graduation and my family. 

I vividly remember writing away in my room throughout my childhood — typing away on Poppie's old typewriter, scribbling on sheet after sheet of paper, or finding myself lost in a book for hours. During junior high and high school, teachers and others often said my writing was good, and I should be a writer. I hoped so but always have had "imposter syndrome," thinking my writing and what I had to say wasn't good enough.

I was married and became a mom young. I have five (no allegedly adult) daughters, including two sets of twins and my "ultimate middle child." God blessed me with my girls, who were and are my biggest inspirations. When I remarried years later to my patient husband Henry, I got three bonus kids. God had given us the best gifts when he gave our family little grandson Remy James and granddaughter Mikaela Ann. Remy also has a little brother or sister on the way. 

As for education, I have an A.A. degree in English/Journalism, a bachelor's degree in communicative disorders and deaf education, and a master's degree in teaching K-5 from U.S.C. I have worked as a mom (most challenging job ever!), editorial assistant, reporter, copy editor, receptionist at veterinary hospitals for nine years, card stocker, state E.S.L. test scoring, substitute teacher, and classroom teacher. I am currently working in reading intervention for students grades 3-8 and teaching Rhetoric writing for high school at a character-based charter school. I am also a freelance news writer for two online sites and write children's books!

For the rest of my life, my life's mission is to do everything with purpose. My purpose is to bring joy to young readers and help them deepen their relationship with Jesus.

Thank you for checking out my website. News on upcoming projects and good news to follow soon!

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